Outcry 2017 is a prayer and worship conference in Voss, Norway. Voss Prayer House is arranging this conference in cooperation with several churches in Voss and Bergen. The focus of the conference is worship and houses of prayer. There will be a prayer room with prayer and worship throughout the conference, daytime except during meetings and seminars. We believe that worship is among the most important things we do as Christians. Worship is an Outcry to see the Lord. When we see Him we see that He is worthy. Our desire is to see a generation that gathers because Jesus Christ is attractive, a generation that loves Him and wants to meet with and exalt Him. We long for worship in Spirit and truth to fill the congregations of western Norway and throughout Scandinavia, and that the presence of God would come with power. In Hab. 2:14 it says that the glory of the Lord will fill the earth as the water covers the seas. We believe that true worship is a key to seeing our nation filled with His presence. Our  dream is that a vision for 24/7 prayer and worship will grip the hearts of all participants.

The theme of this year’s conference is «People and places transformed by Gud.» Our vision is that God will meet many people, both at Outcry and in the places we come from, and touch them deeply. We believe that God desires to transform the communities and cities we come from. We dream of entire communities turning to the Lord, that there will be God-fearing political leaders, good homes and workplaces, where people pray and worship God together.

Our main speaker at Outcry 2017 is Roy Godwin from Fflad-y-Brenin in Wales. He has experienced transformation in the region where he lives, and that many people have been touched by the presence of God. Bjørn Olav Hansen is an influential prayer leader in Norway and has, among other things, established a prayer chapel named Kristi Himmelfartskapellet. We look forward to hearing and receiving from them. In addition, we look forward to Anders Skarpsno and Marie Hognestad, two of Norway’s leading worship leaders, leading us before the throne of God.

You are warmly welcome to Outcry 2017. Especially if you come from western Norway, but also if you feel that the theme touches your heart regardless of your calling or ministry or where you live. The focus of the conference is prayer and worship, but you don’t need to be a worship leader or prayer warrior to come. It’s all about a longing that the Kingdom of God will come even more in our nation and that we long to meet together with Jesus.

Outcry – the Lord’s cry to us

Outcry – Mankind’s cry to God

Outcry in worship – An explosive meeting between man and God

Arranged by

Voss Bønehus

Together with

JesusFellesskapet Voss, Jesusfelleskapet Bergen, Bergen i Brann, Menigheten på Asylplass, Misjonskirken Voss, Kristkirken i Bergen